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Author's Den - where readers and authors come together

Alternative Approaches - to mind, body, spirit

Cancer - Dr. Lorraine Day - alternative approaches to healing

Catastrophism Links

Classic spiritual texts online

Enlightenment.com - Evolution. Community. Transformation.

Forbidden Archeology

In Search of Jesus

The Jinn - reinterpreting the UFO phenomenon

The Immanuel Velikovsky Archive - Earth's cycle of destruction

Krishnamurti Foundation of America

Melaleuca - non toxic household cleaners, bath products, supplements, and more

S.C.L. Mystic times - the art, music, & poetry of Stephen Charles Long

Published.com - The Free Directory for Writers and Artists

Poetry links

Road Trip Mind - inspirational writing from Unca Tantra

Seekye1 - ETs and religion


Spirit Network - resource

Spiritual Gate - resource

Spiritual Network - resource

Spiritual Search - resource

Starlighter Alternative Directory

Strayreality.com - A World of Poetry, Spirituality, Art, Philosophy, World Views, Mysteries, Space, Organic Gardening, Earth Sciences, History of Earth and Mankind...

Tea House - Taoist forum

Truth Seeker TV

Web of Love- spreading love to all

Wisdom E-books

Jogena's Ebooks and Ezines

Myth and Mystery!            Welcome to The Phoenix Gate            chembanner.gif (9786 bytes)   

Want to Know - revealing major cover-ups

    New free energy invention  http://www.japan.com/technology/index.php

    Microchips for people? http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2003/07/17/tech/main563819.shtml

    WTC powerdown the weekend before 9/11?

    Anti-depressants for children linked to suicide rate?

    Antimatter weapons reported on SF Chronicle Front Page                                                                                    
MK Ultra mind control - LSD program revealed in Wash Post
Navy's sonar causing whale strandings?

Alternate Perceptions Magazine online

Bruce Cathie - Harmonics and Unified Field Theory

Coast to Coast AM - syndicated paranormal radio program

Creation Myths - links to creation myths around the world

Educate Yourself - Current news and alternative info

David Icke   - reptilian archives                             

FarShores Anomalies - close encounters with an open mind

The Flem-Ath Homepage - The Atlantis Blueprint, When the Sky Fell

Forbidden Knowledge - The Revelation - you'll never think the same way again

Freedom of mind - against mind control

Global Disaster Watch - archives, updated daily

HAARP - dangerous technology?

Hot Guano.com - Mushroom Gods - another perspective

Jerry E. Smith.com - author of HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy. 

Jim Marrs.com - Rule by Secrecy

Monatomic gold - white powder of projection - Philosopher's Stone?

Mysteries Megasite - a great source for links

No Doomsday - disaster preparedness and survival info

Planet X - is Nibiru out there?

Time portal in Antarctica?  It's in the news in Russia...

Tom Beardon Website - free energy, electromagnetic weapons and scalar wars

UFOs in the news in Russia....

Unexplainable.net - Broadcasting UFO and Unexplainable News Daily

Unexplained.info - Unexplained phenomena, unexplained mysteries

The Watcher Website - ancient aliens


World of the Strange

        Area 51, UFO Abductions, Government Documents and more!      Award winning UFOs / UFO website with UFO photographs, Roswell UFO, Area 51 UFOs, alien abductions, crop circles, UFO conspiracy theories, UFO links and a UFO forum.

                                           VISIT PARASEEK                             Go to AlienObserver.com Home Page                  UFO Tools

Alien Pictures, Ufo pictures and ufo and alien sightings

Alien Resistance


Anomaly info

Cryptic Conspiracies

Great dreams.com/ufos

No more fake news

The Noise Room - Earth mysteries

Paranormal and Strange Links

Paranormal News - do you believe?

Paranormalphernalia.com - paranormal merchandise

Surfing the Apocalypse

Zero Time - paranormal source


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