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The Good Guys                                                    Surfing the Tao


Sooner or later I imagine people will wonder who all the good guys are.  If you read my book, you may at least understand the number one Guy.  God, the Force, the Tao, the Mind, spoke the Primal Word, the Logos, the Christ, in order to show us the Way of love, and prove that death is merely an illusion.  However, you may also gather I do not consider myself a standard Christian in any sense.  I believe there is a lot more going on than our world allows us to know at the moment.  Religions, with their rules and rituals, buildings and finances, are not the Way.  God is beyond religion - it's more about the frequency of your spirit.


God is love – this Force is the all-encompassing consciousness of love we can choose to connect with.  Or not.  Knowing God is just knowing love.  It’s actually very simple.  The bad guys instead want to complicate the issue, and subtly encourage us to seek our own wills rather than that of our loving Tao, the way they did.  They are known for adding all the ritual and nonsense, not to mention bloody histories, to our simple daily Walk.  And of course the bad guys work very hard to be perceived as the good guys, using classic Machiavellian techniques.


I believe the real good guys are known simply because they refused to do this.  Throughout time there have been people, before and after Jesus, who intuited the truth about God and walked the Walk.  Jesus didn’t hand out texts, heal with a sacred staff or build churches.  Neither did these people.  Buddhism the religion now contains all sorts of strange rituals and gods.  But this was not part of Buddha's original teachings.  Some strains of Christianity retained these gods as well in various forms, not to mention ritual.  Even Taoism contains such things, though you won’t find it in the Tao Te Ching.  I found it in Buddha’s original teachings, in Lao Tzu, in parts of the Bible and other places praise for God, this Great Force.  It was only later that things were added to the messages.  The Upanishads can be nut shelled with the following phrase, "The Kingdom of God is within you."  Even Krishna in the Bhagavad-gita sounds an awfully lot like this too, and even though I understand through the Spirit that the Tao only had to come as a person once, it is possible the Word was spoken in other forms.  Even the Old Testament mentions some of these instances in which God manifested in some way by speaking the Word.


I definitely believe this 'love Consciousness' has been trying to communicate with us all along, but that only a very few people actually intuited it thoroughly enough to act as teachers or prophets.  What I don't believe is the notion that there has been a parade of "Christs" through the ages who are part of some otherworldly 'hierarchy' which is engaged in establishing their control of our world.  This is a reflection, the Mirror Image, of the truth.  But since I so strongly feel the truth in the words of Krishna, Buddha, Lao Tzu, and others, I am unable to accept the strict guidelines of 'Bible only' Christians either.  I believe if people read these texts with a truly open and innocent heart, they might realize the wisdom of various teachings through the ages, their similarity to the teachings of Jesus, as well as question the inclusion of the stories of wrathful 'gods' in their own system.


So in our modern world, those who truly seek to know God, the Great Spirit of love, find themselves often tripped up by semantics.  Followers expect some kind of spiritual organization, some kind of set of rules to follow.  That’s what we are programmed to do.  We seek to categorize everything, to put meaning to it.  We look to others and seek to follow the systems someone else created.  But it is difficult to describe God – we must each intuit it ourselves.  I have done the best I can, but in truth there really just aren’t the words to describe it, it’s just beyond us – maybe because it’s just really so simple.  However, some people have done a pretty darn good job, considering the constraints of language and our modern mind-sets.


Rabindranath Tagore was a writer and philosopher from Bengal who lived from 1879 to 1941.  He won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1913 with his publication of Gitanjali, a lovely collection of verses.  Even so, many westerners haven’t heard of him, and it’s a shame because his words are so beautiful.  He describes God in magnificent strokes.  And in my opinion he is also talking about Jesus, though he never uses His name so I suppose you could disagree with me.  But once you have intuited this mystery, it becomes clear he did too.  At least for me, Tagore is one of the good guys.  In fact I sense his presence still, and feel the love he has for us in these difficult times.  He, like the other good guys, seeks to have each of us find the Way to God within ourselves.

Murerei Ueshiba lived in the 20th century and wrote The Art of Peace.  His words touch my spirit too.  He also sought to help us recognize that loving, all-powerful Force around us and use it to find truth and peace.


Another interesting figure I have been reading about is Krishnamurti.  In fact until now I had avoided him because I was aware of his involvement with the Theosophists in his early life.  But I am fascinated to read of his Path, and how he came to disassociate himself with such groups.  Krishnamurti was “discovered” by the Theosophists when he was a child, in the early 1900s, and groomed to be the next World Teacher, or vessel for the Lord Maitreya.  Scary stuff, in my opinion.  He went with it at first, and is said to have channeled various “Masters” of wisdom during this time, including Maitreya. 


At one point he experienced a powerful expansion of consciousness, after which he wrote, “The fountain of truth was been revealed to me and the darkness has been dispersed.  Love in all its glory has intoxicated my heart; my heart can never be closed.  I have drunk at the fountain of Joy and eternal Beauty.  I am God-intoxicated.” (these quotes are from Krishnamurti: The Years of Fulfillment by Mary Luytens, 1983, Avon Books).  Soon after certain things happened within the organization, and between K and “the Masters”, which caused him to doubt them.  He had experienced some kind of revelation and it didn’t include this group.  So when the Theosophical Society was to announce their World Teacher was in the world, K disconcerted the followers by saying, “No one can give you liberation, you have to find it within…He who has attained liberation has become the Teacher – like myself.  It lies in the power of each one of us to enter the flame, to become the flame.”  When asked to explain this further, he said,


When I was a small boy I used to see Sri Krishna, with the flute, as he is pictured by the Hindus…When I grew older and met with Bishop Leadbeater and the Theosophical Society, I began to see the Master K.H. (Kuthumi) – again in the form which was put before me…Later one, as I grew, I began to see the Lord Maitreya.  That was two years ago and I saw him constantly in the form put before me…Now lately it has been the Buddha whom I have been seeing…I have been asked what I mean by ‘the Beloved’.  I will give a meaning, an explanation which you will interpret as you please.  To me it is all – it is Sri Krishna, it is the Master K.H., it is the Lord Maitreya, it is the Buddha, and yet it is beyond all these forms.  What does it matter what name you give?…What you are troubling about is whether there is such a person as the World Teacher who has manifested Himself in the body of a certain person, Krishnamurti; but in the world nobody will trouble about this question…My beloved is the open skies, the flower, every human being…Till I was able to say with certainty, without undue excitement, or exaggeration in order to convince others that I was one with my Beloved, I never spoke.  I talked in vague generalities which everybody wanted.  I never said: I am the World Teacher; but now that I feel I am one with my Beloved, I say it, not in order to impress you, not to convince my authority on you of my greatness, nor of the greatness of the World Teacher, nor even of the beauty of life, but merely to awaken the desire in your hearts and in your own minds to seek the Truth…It is no good asking me who is the Beloved.  Of what use is an explanation?  For you will not understand the Beloved until you are able to see him in every animal, in every blade of grass, in every person that is suffering, in every individual.


This was exactly not what the Theosophists wanted to hear.  They are used to having worldly mediators to tell them when they have progressed on the “Path.”  And they all wanted to be one of the World Teacher's “special” disciples.  K further disappointed them by saying, “Every one of you is a disciple of the Truth if you understand the Truth and do not follow individuals…There is no understanding in the worship of personalities…I still maintain that all ceremonies are unnecessary for spiritual growth…It is not much simpler to make Life itself the goal – Life itself the guide, the Master and the God – than to have mediators, gurus, who much inevitable step down the Truth, and hence betray it?”  Further he said, in an attempt to dissuade members of the T.S. from following the strict path set for them by their “Masters,”


I maintain that Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect…I do not want to belong to any organization of a spiritual kind…If an organization be created for this purpose, it becomes a crutch, a weakness, a bondage, and must cripple the individual, and prevent him from growing, from establishing his uniqueness, which lies in his discovery for himself of that absolute, unconditioned Truth…Because I am free, unconditioned, whole…I desire those who seek to understand me, to be free, not to follow me, not to make out of me a cage…You are all depending for your spirituality on someone else…No man from outside can make you free…You have been accustomed to being told how far you have advanced, what your spiritual status is.  How childish!  Who but yourself can tell you if you are incorruptible?…For two years I have been thinking about this slowly, carefully, patiently, and I have now decided to disband the Order, as I happen to be its head.  You can form other organizations and expect someone else.  With that I am not concerned, nor with creating new cages, new decorations for those cages.  My only concern is to set me absolutely, unconditionally free.


Jesus didn’t tell us to worship Him, but to pray to Our Father in Heaven (the Tao); even He wanted us to seek love ourselves, not worship a personality.  He showed us the Way to God - the Way to love, the Beloved.  From the descriptions in his biography, Krishnamurti seems to have gotten closer and closer to God and the state of uninterrupted love consciousness during his life.  He even refused to read any other religious or spiritual writings, so as not to confuse his own walk, his own personal relationship with God.  This relationship he wanted others to find; to seek these things within ourselves, not look to any outer authority.


I believe we can find truths and praise for God in many spiritual writings, but I agree they are not necessary to our Walk.  I believe the real good guys know this.  Did they help us seek this higher consciousness, this higher Way to be, this all-pervasive love which is all around us?  Most often this thread of teachings, because it is intuitive, has remained unwritten, unstructured, un-systemed, for this is its very essence.


The bad guys often have taken these types of truths and wound them around their own agendas.  They created structure for us, encouraged us to seek our own powers, to worship strange gods and follow specified rules or rituals to attain enlightenment.  They tell us we must accept responsibility for the state of the world, but that they will “help” us, the patronizing holier-than-thou elders.  The bad guys may sound good, but they appeal to our pride and ego.  They are driven by their own desire for glory and worship.  They would have us believe we are all gods, instead of having us each understand we are all a part of the Force of God.  It is a subtle but important distinction. 


As humans we have the ability to live purely in God’s love, and don’t need anyone to do it for us.  The good guys know this.  They gently guide us to choose love; they don’t confuse or complicate. We can learn from their writings, and their examples, but they don’t seek glory for themselves – only for God, the Tao, the Source.


The Good Guys don’t disobey the Prime Directive – they don’t openly interfere or create systems for us.  They have a difficult job, to subtly guide us towards the realization that it is how we use our free will, how do we choose to live life.  Are we constrained by stubbornness and pride, tradition, corporate ideals of success, generational habits?  Or are we free to conceive of the world unhindered?  Free to create lives, communities, worlds based on our own profound intuitions of love, peace and harmony?  Jon Rappoport wrote a book, The Secret Behind Secret Societies, in which he compared our world’s hierarchical and authoritative historical framework with the unstructured and largely forgotten “Tradition of Imagination.” He wrote, “The great platform for the human race is imagination.  And I believe that when we understand all this better, we will see with our own eyes and minds that what has been called, through the ages, enlightenment, salvation, ascension, cosmic consciousness, self-realization, bliss, unconditional love, universal compassion are all attempts to describe what happens when the imagination becomes prime and goes far beyond the present barriers we assume are its boundaries.” (p. 360)


A Loving Touch


The Master waits.

She does not judge.

She does not test.

The Master guides, but does not lead.

A gentle nudge, an open page.

A subtle whisper.

An ocean breeze.


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