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About Angela V. Michaels                                    Surfing the Tao

I am hesitant to admit that a profound spiritual experience propelled me to start writing, because it wasn't the experience that was so unique, but what I discovered when I looked back out into the world. I realized that a massive Machiavellian misdirection by our world's belief systems had hijacked our ability to see truth within ourselves. Instead, people were either ignoring the spiritual altogether, or simply swallowing what others had set before them, without further thought. The human race was losing its connection to its Spirit, and therefore its ability to discern the real truth, especially in terms of the strange and unexplained.


"The Master observes the world, but trusts his inner vision." -Lao Tzu


 Angela V. Michaels is a pen name.  I grew up on the East Coast, the product of an intellectual upbringing.   I wasnít looking for a spiritual experience; it found me instead.  Suddenly my senses were extended beyond the material world, and I began to see the things differently. The experience was somewhat like 'tuning in' better to a kind of sixth sense that had always been there.  Now instead of feeling like a body with a spirit inside, I began to feel more like a strong spirit, just riding around in a body.  Always a voracious reader, strange books began to appear in my life.  Friends suggested titles out of the blue; old paperbacks made their way to the top of the pile in used bookstores; sometimes I happened upon a book I would have never known about, except that someone had misplaced it on the shelf. 


But my intellectual nature continued to block the process.  Here was subject matter I could barely believe myself, much less convince anyone else of.   So I began to organize the information for myself, struggling to make sense with my mind what I knew to be true in my spirit.  I did not set out to write a book.  In the beginning I called it my thesis.  I just wanted to be able to discuss the matter intelligently, in the hopes of reaching others.


I took a pen name because it doesnít matter who I am.  Itís not a secret; itís just not important.  I truly want people to find their own Way, not just follow someone else.  I do not claim to be special, have any special powers or desire personal glory.  Though I do strongly sense the Way of the Spirit within myself, I don't claim to be a 'channeler' or an arrogant 'psychic'.  I have had powerful personal experiences, which have led me on this path.  But I've done nothing different than what anyone else could do, if they listened.    Iím tired of people bragging about how psychic they are, or how special their own creepy spirit guide is.  First of all, the good guys just donít work this way; and secondly, we need to know we all have this power to hear the Voice.  It is inside all of us - all we need to do is tune in to it.


Indeed there is such thing as psychic ability, just as there are other dimensions of existence and beings which inhabit them.  But we must each use our own spiritual ďradiosĒ, or sense of discernment, to ascertain the relevance of these things to our daily walk.  In fact this discernment can be the most incredible ďspecial powerĒ to have, and is the one most available to us on a daily basis.  How else can we be sure we know what is real?  There are many, many places to go in the ethereal, or subspace, realms - find the path through love in your own heart, don't follow anyone else.  Follow only the Great Voice, not the myriad of deceivers which struggle incessantly to mislead us.


We must search within ourselves for answers.  Each person must learn to Surf the Tao on their own Ė itís an individual sport.  But in so doing we will all become part of this flowing Source, all part of the winning team.  Hop on for a ride and join the silent, internal revolution of free will.


I consider myself to be a soldier in Godís army.  Yes, we are headed for an evolution of consciousness.  But it starts right here, right now, where you are standing.  The act of choosing to act in love, peace and harmony is our greatest weapon and our greatest power.  We are here now and God wants us to begin now, not look to some future miracle or spiritual leader.  If we choose this, God will undoubtedly arm us with other great powers.  But we must look to Him first, to be sure we are not following our way, but His Ė the Way of love.


I donít belong to any spiritual organization nor do I want to start one.  I published the book myself, did this website myself, and am beholden to no one and no thing except love.  I donít claim to know everything, and Iím certain you will find a few mistakes (small ones, I hope) because Iím not perfect.  But Iím working on it.         



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